“I love Linda Warren’s work. It is, in a word, exquisite.” –John Hadley

During the sixty years I have been doing art, my goal has been to let it come from the heart. Alfred Leslie’s quote, “I seek to make a fusion between the eye, the mind, and passion” has always stood out as my favorite statement on the process of art. During a visit with him over tea in his New York studio, I understood that this was also my path. What I love, think about, and visually study, becomes the imagined actors on the stages of my paintings and drawings. These figures, vases, toy cars, rocks, birds, and fruit are my personal vocabulary. Each functions as dramatically or as quietly as I direct. To me art is the magic of creating a 3-D vignette of life in a 2-D scenario.

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Linda Lou Warren Resume

Review of Linda’s Work by Christopher Youngs